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31 August 2009 @ 04:24 pm
from http://yellowswitchpalace.meilk.net/blog

It has been a couple weeks now that YSP has been open. So far, the response has been overwhelmingly positive! It may be a little cheesy, but I'd truly like to thank those of you who have shown your support so far, whether it be through ordering commissions, leaving helpful suggestions, or showing your friends our site. Thanks!!

Now, first things first: Go check out our Gallery. Right now. Go on ahead, we'll wait.

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31 August 2009 @ 04:08 pm
FAQ, Rules, and conditions:

How to Commission
Commissioning is easy! Here it is, broken down step-by-step:

1) You fill out the commission form, either here on LJ or the one on our HP
2) We will estimate the cost including shipping and inform you
3) If both parties accept, we will make the sprite and then post it here for preview. If you prefer, we will send the preview image to you privately.
4) After you pay, we ship your sprites out!

*In certain cases we will require full payment before beginning work


Q: What is this thing?

A: We make our pixel art out of a special kind of beads into items for home use. The end result is a smooth, BIG sprite that you can hang anywhere, use as magnets, and much more!

Q: How big is BIG?

A: A small Pokemon box sprite or Mario Mushroom is around 3"x3"(8cmx8cm). Larger sprites (such as Cook Kirby) go up to a foot(30cm) or even bigger... looks great on a fridge or wall for decorative purposes!

Q: What can I use them for?
A: We offer magnets, keyrings, cell phone charms, bag pulls, and most anything you can imagine.

Q: Do you do just video games?

A: No! We can make most popular anime characters, team logos, your intials, among other things. Basically, we can make pretty much anything.

Q: Are there any deals or promotions?

A: We often offer discounts to buyers who buy 2 or more items at once! Check our main page, or ask here for the specifics if you would like to commission several things at once.

Q: I don't have a picture of the character I want.
A: That is OK! Just describe it as best you can and we will help you out.

In general, a commission will cost as much as a similar one on our website (check here for current stock)
Here are the prices for various add-ons:

Cell phone charm/strap.....$0.50

Payment is accepted via Paypal ONLY. If you live in the US you can also use any credit card or many gift cards to pay via Paypal.
We do not accept holds or partial payments. Payments must be made in full before commissions will be shipped out. There may be a fee for nonpayment.

We ship all items in cardboard and bubble wrap to ensure SAFE delivery. In addition, the plastic has been ironed smoothly so that the items are not fragile.
Most special shipping requests can be accommodated; feel free to ask if unsure.
We ship WORLDWIDE via USPS, most weekdays. We ship from Boston and Cambridge, Massachusetts, on the east coast of the US.

Our sprites are very sturdy, but there are some special precautions you can take to ensure you enjoy them for as long as possible:
*Please take care to not expose the bead sprites to extreme heat.
*Please do not bend or force the bead sprites severely.
*For smaller sprites, please do not give them to children under 3 years old.
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20 August 2009 @ 05:50 pm
Just finished this awesome Vulpix magnet for emerald_star18! Check out the DS Lite for scale - it's huge!

We're accepting commissions right now, so if you're interested in ordering one, just let us know! You can contact us on LJ or through our online order form.
18 August 2014 @ 09:26 am
Commission Status: OPEN

Please fill out this form to request a commission.
All fields marked with a * are required.

*Name of Character-
*Name of Game-
Name of Console-
Link to image of sprite (optional)-
*Email address(Paypal)-

We reserve the right to refuse a commission request for any reason (profanity, etc)

Be sure to check the FAQ before commissioning.
If you have any other questions you may leave them here.
18 August 2015 @ 09:25 am
This is a community for fans of the bead sprite art of dj_milk and I one_more_lovely. We will be updating periodically with our latest creations.
You can watch this community here
For more information about what we do, check out our homepage:

♥Thanks for stopping by!♥
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